World Environment


Brief Introduction

  World Environment is a bi-monthly journal jointly set-up by National Environmental Protection Agency of China (now elevated into Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China, MEE) and UNEP in 1983, the publisher is Center for Environmental Education & Communications (CEEC) of MEE. UNDP China is a partner of the journal.

  It is a very policy oriented academic magazine, and having been always grasping the forward developments and future trends, providing referential cases and views as well as some information and suggestions on China’ environmental policy making. For a long time, it sticks out very well its unique, authoritative, guiding, professional and knowledgeable characteristics, it has been quite popular with comprehensive decision making sections, environmental system, large scale enterprises, teaching and researching organizations, media, foreign embassies and consulates in China, representative offices of international organization, NGO, etc.

Dominant Position

  CEEC is a department directly under MEE, heart of national environmental education and communications network as well as cadre training & TV making base for environmental protection system of China. For a decade, CEEC has set up a very wide range of contacts with both abroad and the home, forming a high qualified team with strong cohesion and efficiency as well as rich experience.

Targeting Readers & Circulation

  Audience: National People’s Congress, National People’s Political Consultative Conference, Ministries and Commissions within State Council and some departments directly under State Council, some sections within Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Social Academy of Science, leaders of central committees of democratic parties, academicians, leaders of local municipalities above county level, state owned large enterprises, chief persons of famous research institutes, directors of environmental protection bureaus above county level, scholars of colleges and universities as well as research organizations, chief persons of EHS of multinational corporations, media, staff members with UN system and embassies as well as consulates, representative offices of international organizations, NGOs, common people caring about environment, etc.

  Circulation: 15,000 copies for every issue, some of them are given free of charge to leaders of different levels of decision making sectors, academicians, famous scholars, staff members with UN system and embassies and consulates, etc.

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